Friday, February 3, 2012


I promise I'm still here and hard at work on my 25 before 25 list.

So far I have made 5 recipes out of the Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook. All were well received by best friend except for the ricotta cheese pizza.  He kept saying he was disappointed there wasn't any red sauce on it.  He really liked the fish and chips.  Instead of being fried, you dip them in an egg mixture, flour, and then roll them in crushed Corn Flakes cereal.  Yummy!

I am sloooooowly working on my wedding scrapbook. I have a few pages done that I really like. Lately we have been spending weekends at a hospital in Tulsa visiting my grandpa so I haven't had much time to work on it.

I am also working on losing weight, although it seems to be fairly ineffective. I've been doing pilates and yoga for weight loss for about a week and a half, along with trying to eat healthier in general. I make some type of smoothie every morning for breakfast and haven't gone to Starbucks yet.  I did crack and have a milkshake last night, but that was only because my throat hurt so badly I could barely swallow and it was the only thing that would help.
Haven't lost any weight yet, but I know it takes longer when you aren't doing hardly any cardio stuff.

Today marks the start of not buying clothes for 6 months, which was another thing on my list.  What's the point in spending money on clothes that I'm hoping won't fit next year?

Besides that, the only thing going on is my car exploding. We were in Tulsa last weekend and the car overheated.  We pulled over and nothing was smoking, so we drove the mile left to my grandparent's house.  The second Garrett turned the car off, orange fluid and smoke started spewing out of the cracks in the hood. I mean SPEWING. The driveway was covered within seconds.  We took it to the closest place we could find, and Garrett's dad came to get us and bring us back to Edmond. On Tuesday I went to go and get it, and they had replaced the radiator which apparently had a hole. (Hence the spewing of orange goo.)  I drove to the hospital to see my mom and grandparents and on the way there, the heat gauge was going nutso and said 3 different times that the car was over heating. So, I took the car in to another branch of the same place that had "fixed" it before. Apparently this place was more like a Jiffy Lube place than an actual car repair shop.  They looked at it and temporarily fixed it (for free!) but said that one of the gaskets had blown.  The man was really nice and said that I could probably drive it back to Edmond and only have to refill the antifreeze a couple times.  I just laughed. (Well actually I cried because I knew Garrett was going to have to come get me from Edmond and that we weren't going to get home until super late, and I had to work really early the next morning.) While Garrett was driving down to bring me back, my mom and I took it to a different place.  They fixed some stuff and we are going to get it sometime today. Hopefully it will be all the way fixed. :P

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