Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Crazy Month of December

This month was crazy busy for us.  We had something going on every weekend.  We started the month out with a girl's Secret Santa party.

For the party, I decided to do a hot chocolate bar, which was an idea I found on Pinterest (duh.) Target had different flavors of marshmallows, so I bought chocolate mint and gingerbread, as well as regular marshmallows and peppermints.  I found the little green pails at Hobby Lobby and the chalkboard stickers on Etsy.  After the party, I put the labels on my flour, sugar, brown sugar, and coffee canisters.

 Here is Vanessa texting her husband on her iPhone using her new gloves that allow you to text without taking off your gloves.  She was pretty excited!

 Lauren got a Mario poster as one of her gifts.

The weekend after the Secret Santa party we had a Lord of the Rings marathon at my in-law's house.  The marathon has been a Keck family tradition for several years. I got to attend my first marathon only a couple months after Garrett and I had started dating. After I spent 14 hours in the Keck's living room, they knew I must be "the one!" I have no pictures to document the event, but it is pretty hard core.  This year we bought my father-in-law the movies on BluRay and a BluRay player so we got to watch the movies in top viewing quality. We started Fellowship of The Ring at 8:40am and finished Return of the King around 10:30pm. 

The next weekend was Christmas!  We started the celebrations at Garrett's grandparent's house were we had a Dirty Santa exchange with the extended family. The next day we went over to my in-laws house.  Check out the tree with the presents!

The day after Christmas was the most exciting part of the month for me!  My friend Brady from high school came to visit for 4 days. We actually weren't extremely close in high school until the end but we have been really good about keeping in touch ever since I moved to Oklahoma. He came down here for my wedding and now he is friends with my good friend Devin. Here is a picture of the 4 of us at Tapwerks in Bricktown. Having him here was a great way to finish off this crazy month!  Happy New Year everyone!

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